Keep Your Data Private With VPN for Android OS

vpn for android OSEvery major company – GCHQ, Google, Facebook, NSA, etc. – is tracking your online movement. Therefore it is not a surprise that the use of VPNs is becoming even more popular whether the goal is to just to protect yourself from hackers while using the public WiFi in your favourite coffee joint, or surf the internet anonymously.

Covering the full range of concerns to watch out for a VPN, you have to look for the following criteria:

  • Quality of customer service
  • Number of servers/ IPs
  • Speed of service
  • Quality of the software
  • Price

Considering these criteria, here are the lists of the best five VPN for Android OS device:

1. HideMyAss (HMA)

2. VyprVPN

3. Private Internet Access

4. ExpressVPN

5. IPVanish

For more info, check out VPN reviews, news, updates and articles on the internet.

VPN Helped Me Complete My PhD

_image-InformationSecurityWhy I decided to enroll in a doctoral program this fall is beyond me. Maybe I was just following in the footsteps of both my parents: My dad has a doctorate in History and my mom has one in English. Somehow, I thought completing my degree in Philosophy would be an honor to both of them; and I headed off to college with high aspirations and ideas. There was so much that I wanted to study—but I hadn’t the slightest clue how I would gain access to all this information. After several grueling years, when it was finally time to actually write my dissertation, I was stumped. My topic was so controversial that the websites I needed to access were often blocked by my school’s Internet filters meilleurs vpn. This meant that I had to either drive to a friend’s house or back home in order to access these websites. This wasted a lot of my time, and that’s something a doctoral student doesn’t really have a lot to spare. I read a good privateinternetaccess review

It was while I was searching the web at my friend’s house one night that I came across an ad for a VPN. Until that point, I’d never heard anything about Virtual Private Networks, what they are used for, and their benefits. What stuck out to me about this ad were the following interesting points about VPNs:

  • They hide my true IP address by replacing it with another one
  • They protect my privacy and identity
  • They would enable me to bypass security filters and access restricted websites (that I needed to complete my degree!).

It was certainly like finding the Holy Grail—or discovering some amazing, existential truth! I now use VPNs and don’t have to rush to a friend’s house or back home to complete my degree. Read:



My Travel Writing Led me to VPN Use

vpnWhat once started out as a young girl’s hobby soon became a career. I have always loved writing, whether it is poetry, stories or “news-style” articles. You give me the material, I’d write it.

After graduating from college I was hired for a job as a travel writer and I still do it to this day. I love being able to get to know new places and travel around the world; to places I never dreamed I would go. I get to experience all kinds of quirks, specialties and traditions native to several countries that I travel to. It’s my dream job and one I am lucky enough to have.

But one thing about my personality is that I like privacy, whether its offline or online. Traveling so much and using so many different networks and Wi-Fi access points, I needed a way to protect my online information from snooping eyes and unwanted observers. So I decided it was time to get a VPN and it has been a great decision for me.

I no longer worry who may be following my every online move and I can work freely and efficiently knowing that my work is safe with me and not in the hands of anyone else. It took me awhile to find a VPN provider I could trust, but once I did, I have learned that I really was missing this security while traveling.

My life is what many would call unstable, but I love it and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I understand what people mean as I do often wake up in different countries on a daily or weekly basis, so having some kind of internet security has at least made me feel there is a constant, never changing thing in my life.


Best VPN Service Review

I have been searching a long time I for a fast and safe way to browse the web and found  ipvanish test and reviews. I am a college student and I really hate the idea of Google and other sites logging my activity online and using that information to send me spam. I have friends that have had their email accounts hacked and have lost lots of important documents.

Knowing what I want to prevent and knowing that I need a fast way to search the web that would expose my information and location, I did some research and finally settled on VyprVPN, which I definitively think is the best VPN service out there.


Best VPN Services

As a college student, VyprVPN immediately appealed to me because of the low cost. For only $6.67 you receive anonymous email, public proxies and anonymous file uploading and web linking. VyprVPN offers all the great features of some of the higher priced VPNs. They have some of the fastest speeds available while providing the highest level of security. The three day free trial is excellent for those who like to try before they buy.

VyprVPN is a service provider owned by the technological product company GoldenFrog. Unlike a lot of VPN providers, Vypr owns its own networks and manufactures so their customer service is fast and reliable. The only problem with VyprVPN is that your email address will also be part of GoldenFrog’s marketing programs and subscribes will receive information about all of their products. For me, this is not a big problem because I get so much junk mail anyways and some of their other products are actually pretty cool.

Overall, VyprVPN provides everything I need for online security. They have the fastest speeds, lowest costs and most reliable customer service. After my experience, I can say VyprVPN is the best VPN service provider on the market. For more information click here:

How Cloud Storage Can Help

i-download (5)

So guess what I got to do yesterday? I got to file a police report which was just loads of fun. I’m using my old beater laptop now because while I was in the grocery store for five minutes some jerk wad broke into my car and stole my laptop! WTF?? I’m so freaking mad and of course I started feeling sick right away thinking about all the pictures and files and work I would never see again including two massive projects I’ve been working on that are due next week. I think I was on the verge of having a massive coronary or something when Scott asked me, “hey don’t you have all your files on cloud storage?”

Hallelujah! I forgot I signed up for their service last month. Thank fricking God! For those of you who don’t know, cloud storage (I think it’s called just cloud) is basically I guess, a collection of servers that enable you to store your data and files online, without needing a local hard drive, so even though my computer got stolen I was able to locate all my files, pictures and stuff on cloud service backup click here.

It would work also if my computer just got damaged or something, that’s actually the reason I got it. I kept running out of space on my hard drive or having nightmares about telling my professors I spilled coffee on my keyboard or something. I was worried how I was going to find my stuff, but cloud storage is accessible from anywhere so I used Scott’s computer right then and there in the parking lot and viola! There was my stuff, safe and secure. They have mac backup too which is another reason I got it. So I’m probably never going to see my poor computer again which sucks but at least my data is safe so, dudes  click  go get cloud storage service. You won’t regret it.

Access your Business Files at New Zealand by VPN

data encrypted

As a Business Analyst for one of New Zealand’s largest B2B Ecommerce websites, I’m often asked to check out the competition. To do this, I have to sign up as a business with the competitor in order to have access to their site’s offerings. This wouldn’t be a drama if the competition was local, but our competition is mainly in the US, UK and China, where you need to be located in order to sign up.

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out what’s happening when most of your hits are coming from one of the smallest continents in the world.Sometimes, you have to check files from other Asian countries, you can download a vpn service like you can click here for Vietnam vpn or follow this link for a vpn for India.

I discussed the problem with my boss who basically told me to “figure it out”, which was no help. I even thought about doing something crazy like trying to hire people in our competitor’s countries to sleuth on our behalf. Instead I turned to a couple of friends with my dilemma who also work in Ecommerce and they suggested I use a VPN service. By using a VPN service I could surf the web, and my competitor’s sites, anywhere in world and it would appear as if I’m a user in that country.

bypass restriction
Needless to say I was stoked. I immediately started searching through Google to find the best VPN service for my needs and was up and running almost instantly. There are no restrictions with this service so there is no site that I can’t access. I can now go to my competitor’s site in the UK and sign up using my local computer and have a UK account in a matter of minutes.

Now when I’m tasked with doing a competitor analysis I have no worries, I’m just another local business interested in their product and not the competition. If anyone else has faced the same issues I have being a web user of vpn for New Zealand-click link to read what vpn suits if you are a New Zealander, I recommend you start using a VPN service today.

Best VPN Service

Maybe I’ve spent too much time on 4chan, but I’ve really started to doubt how much freedom I’m really have when I’m browsing on the internet. Maybe I would have chalked it up to paranoia in the past, but there’s no denying that government is censoring us on the internet.

I don’t care where you live or how much freedom of speech you claim to have. If the Wikileaks scandal taught me anything it’s that all our governments are trying to hide information from us. I could have sworn that as an American I had the freedom against censorship by my government, but apparently my government sees the internet as a gray area.

I guess when it was introduced to us as the World Wide Web over twenty years ago they were actually lying. “All the world’s information at your fingertips” is just some tripe they feed the masses to keep them happy. I’ve opened my eyes to the restrictions that are being put on me, without my knowledge half the time, when I log on to the internet without a fast vpn.


I decided to take my fate into my own hands a few years ago when I started using a VPN after reading a hidemyass review. Virtual private networks come in a range of specs, but the most important thing they do is stop censorship. By using IP addresses of other countries (sometimes “virtual countries“) VPNs have offered me actual freedom on the web. They’re completely anonymous too, encrypting all your web traffic so that no prying eyes can find out where you’ve been looking.

www pic

I’ve flirted with a few service providers trying to find the best VPN service out there and I think I’m finally onto something with the one I’m using currently. I’d tell you what I’m using, but that’d negate the fact that everything about it is anonymous, I even purchased it anonymously. Most VPN services I’ve seen all offer the same basic protection from censorship, but to find out what works for you, you really have to just start messing around.

If you actually want to browse the web freely and safely, get a VPN. I can’t tell you what VPN is best for you, just start experimenting. Some of them are really simple to use and others are more intricate due to customizable features. The one thing they all have in common is that they give you your freedom back. I don’t care who you are, you need to get a VPN if you really want to use the Web without any government enforced restrictions. To help you out, you can go visit Hidemyass and read hidemyass reviews to find out what they are about.

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